Rate:  $250.00 per hour*

*6 hour minimum Friday Night, Saturday Night or Sunday Night
*2 hour minimum Breakfasts and Meetings, Afternoons (Birthday Parties or Events)

Security Deposit 

Security Deposit:    $500.00 – Required

$500.00 security deposit that will be reimbursed after space is returned in the original condition

Holiday Pricing 

Holiday Pricing: Inquire Arthuravefloral@yahoo.com or Call (718) 555-1212
Inquire about holiday pricing for your Christmas Eve, New Year Eve,  Family Dinners  on Holidays

Set up and Decorating Time

****There will be a one hour window prior to event start for decorating ****

Cleaning Fee

Cleaning Fee:  $275.00  this  will come out of security deposit if the place is not left the way it was received